Date of birth: 04.07.1992

Place of birth: Bad Kissingen, Germany

Hobbies: Sport, eating and composing music


What does music mean to you?

Music is my passion. Through music I want to speak out my feelings, which no words can describe, because „when words fail, music speaks“.


What is your biggest motivation?

I have a mission I want to inspire people and make them happy with my music.


What is your most beautiful moment?

Meeting Britney Spears and on the same day becoming a Champion at a dance contest.


What is your greatest memory?

I have so many beautiful memories. But the most special and inspiring one, which I treasure was when my dad and I, together in the snow of winter, were jogging in order to train for a contest.


What is your hardest overcoming?

In 2002 my family were about to be deported from Germany, but we have fought for the right to stay. And I am so proud of my parents of what they have been achieving and how much they have been trying to follow their dreams. They are one of my greatest idols.


Describe yourself with 3 words:

Ambitious, cheerful and positive


Name your negative personal attributes:

Chaotic & perfectionist


Favorite quote:

„I don't want to be famous – I want to be great" by Ray Charles


Personal quote:

If you don’t believe in yourself – no one will do it for you!

Be kind to people.